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3 key features of Ship Design System Naval Architect

Ship Design System Naval Architect

Here is a quick overview of the 3 key features you can expect from our Ship Design System Naval Architect:

3D CAD Modelling

Naval Architect enables a fast 3D modelling approach right from the project start. This combines the speed of 2D drawings with the added value of a 3D model. This means that users will still model in 2D, while a 3D model is created simultaneously. This helps you to save time and increase productivity.

Information Management

Besides pure 3D CAD modelling, users will be able to model all relevant details of a ship to capture key technical parameters, cost characteristics, relationships, etc. With our efficient information management system, all information will be structured based on the product structure used in the project. All project members using Naval Architect will work with the same design data at all times to avoid unnecessary errors and coordination. We offer a built-in version control and release management tool for precise data management so design changes are instantly visible for all team members.

 Cloud Collaboration

Naval Architect is a true cloud-native application that runs directly in the web browser, so no installation will be required. This makes it easy to share design data and visualizations with your team members, suppliers, contractors and customers. New members can be easily added anytime and the rights and roles for each user can be set individually. Designs can be edited simultaneously with other users and changes can be monitored in real-time to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each project.

As the basis for Naval Architect, these features will be fundamental for all additional product elements that will be continuously added to the system. Schedule a discovery call with us and find out how we can support your organization in your project work.