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3D CAD Modelling Software

5D GAP Software for Shipbuilding in the Cloud

5D GAP Software: Naval Architect

Naval Architect is a game-changer in the market, offering unique features that set it apart from other software. At the core of the cloud platform is the 5D model of Naval Architect. But what is a 5D model?

A 5D model consists of the following elements:

  • Geometry Model of the ship (3D)
  • Properties and Specification (4D)
  • History of different design versions (5D)

The goal is to make the 5D Model accessible for all team members via our cloud platform.

But how is the CAD model created?

Naval Architect enables a fast 3D modelling approach right from the project start, combining the speed of 2D drawings with the added value of a 3D model. Users will model in 2D while a 3D model will be created simultaneously to save time and increase productivity.

In addition to that, properties and attributes of the ship can be added to the model. Some properties such as volume and areas are calculated automatically.

All changes can be saved in versions, so it is always clear who has changed what at which time, representing the 5D part of Naval Architect.

Contact us to learn more about how Naval Architect can help your organization. Or book a discovery call here and get a free product demo of our 5D modelling software.