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Ship Design Software


Ship Design Software Cloud Collaboration

Maximum process efficiency

Increase your project efficiency by up to 50% with less duplicate work


Lower planning risks

Reduce your risk of working with outdated and incorrect data


Better customer experience

Stand out from the competition by better engaging your customer in the project


Comprehensive tool integration

Our OpenAPI enables custom interfaces to automate whatever you need


Full partner integration

Optimize the collaboration with your partners via our central platform

1. Save more than 50% of ship design hours  – no more duplication of work

Tired of doing the same work over and over again when updates are coming in? Then save valuable time by using a central platform that automatically syncs the 3D model, areas and volumes, whenever changes are made.

Ship Design Software

2. Reduce your planning risks – conduct your projects with more certainty

No more wrong figures for areas and volumes, outdated quantities, unclear project status and incorrect weight calculation. Our ship design software acts as a single source of truth to steer your project into the right direction.

Ship Design Software

3. Be ahead of your competition and be the trusted partner for your customers

Share interactive 3D models with your (potential) customers even before the project starts. Win more tenders with more reliable time and cost projections and tender documents. Engage your customers directly in the review process and build lasting partnerships.

Ship Design Software

4. Access all your data easily with our Open API

At the core of Naval Architect is our principle to keep our system as open and flexible as possible. This way, we are able to accommodate various requirements of our customers. Our powerful API can be used to create interfaces to your existing software landscape so you don’t have to worry about missing data links. We support over 30 CAD formats.

Ship Design Software

5. Enable full collaboration with your partners

Collaborate easily with all your partners and stakeholders via our integrated platform to make the most out of the valuable time. Align on required changes, discuss design variants and work in different versions using our integrated version control systems. Increased efficiency, lower planning errors and more fun overall while working together as a team.

Ship Design Software

Successful projects require efficient processes and close collaboration. Naval Architect makes quick design and accurate planning possible for shipyards, designers and suppliers.

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Increase your efficiency and reduce your project risk.

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Ship Design Software

What you will get with Naval Architect:

Rapid CAD Modelling

3D ship design from day zero. Draw in 2D plan views to create a full 3D model combining the speed of 2D drawings with the added value of a 3D design

Data Management

Structure and manage all information in a single place. Connect it with your 3D model and derive properties directly from it

Cloud Collaboration

Work simultaneously with your team and project partners, edit designs and share information easily simply via web browser

Higher Efficiency

Increase your project efficiency and save valuable time by up to 50% with simpler and faster processes tailored to the early ship design phase

Lower Plannings Risks

Reduce your risk of errors with a platform dedicated towards higher transparency, better data quality and increased planning certainty.

Cost Savings

Achieve concrete cost savings with higher efficiency and lower additional costs and calculate with a lower risk rate for your projects

Challenge the Status Quo of Ship Design

Example for the Concept Design Phase: Doubling efficiency and minimizing risk of errors

Current process

Concept Design
Time required
Duplication of Work
Risk of Errors

With Naval Architect

Time required
Duplication of Work
Risk of Errors

With Naval Architect

Time required
Duplication of Work
Risk of Errors

Current way of working vs. working with Naval Architect

Move the slider to compare the process with our Ship Design Software

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Naval Architect treats the shipbuilding process and its participants in it as a whole. Existing software packages work in isolated information silos, making it hard to share the information and designs across all the disciplines and stakeholders involved. Keeping all that info up to date is another challenge on top of it and requires an immense coordinational effort. This way of working is prone to create errors in planning and managing, which can lead to unwanted additional costs in later phases, time delay and even contract termination.
Naval Architect eliminates secluded software that needs to be installed and is thus accessible only to a certain part of the project team. It is easy to use, keeps everyone updated on who made which changes where and when, and ensures that everyone is always working with the correct data.
It can also be used to create presentations, to generate product data or to run project feasibility studies. You can also save time and effort through our rapid modeling approach: you draw and design in 2D, while your project comes to live as a digital 3D design of your ship.
At all times, Naval Architect offers the current project status to easily track progress and stay on top of things. It can also utilize data from previous projects and run plausibility checks against them to minimize the risk of planning errors.
All major software systems in shipbuilding are approximately 30 years old or even older. Since then, the working environment and requirements have changed significantly – for example, teams are more and more working decentralized. The existing systems were not created for this. While other software tools are mostly specific design and calculation tools, Naval Architect includes both a cloud-based 3D CAD environment as well as an advanced central management system for the properties, functions and characteristics of the ship. All of the key information of a project can be modeled and included in Naval Architect and also shared with other stakeholders to maximize efficiency and productivity. Naval Architect is being developed from scratch based on the latest technologies and is unique for that reason alone. Furthermore, Naval Architect addresses the early planning phase in particular while offering several innovative approaches and thus closes a gap in the existing software landscape.
Very easy! It is a cloud software that runs directly in your web browser, so there’s no installation required! And you don’t have to worry about keeping the software up to date as we will update it automatically in the cloud. After registration, you can immediately start to work with Naval Architect.
Import: 3DS, 3MF, AutoCAD DWG/DXF, ACIS, CATIA V4/V5/V6 (3D XML), COLLADA, Creo Parametric, DWF, FBX, gITF, I-deas, IGES, IFC, Inventor, JT, NX, OBJ, Parasolid, PDF, PRC, Pro/Engineer, Revit, Rhino, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, STEP, STEP XML, STL, VDA-FS, Universal 3D, VRML

Export: ACIS, FBX, IGES, JT, OBJ, Parasolid, PRC, STEP, Stereo Lithography (STL), Universal 3D, VRML, 3MF

Data security comes in two flavors: we are using data encryption, strong authentication methods, audits, and a role-based authorization to protect your data. What makes Naval Architect by far the most secure data platform, though, is that data is only shared rather than copied. Users will only view the data through the browser without actually making copies on their own devices. Once you revoke the access, it is impossible to access the data anymore and no “backup” copies or the like outside of your control will ever exist.
We strongly believe that cloud computing will be a core technology for the future development of the maritime industry. It makes accessing and sharing data and visualizations between users and organizations easy and simple. However, it is possible to host our system on your organization’s own server if required. Let us know if you are interested in a locally-based system.
Ship Design Software

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