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Reliable planning and efficient status tracking

Reliable planning and efficient status tracking – Naval Architect Use Cases

Are you struggling to keep your shipbuilding projects on track? Are you tired of unexpected delays and budget overruns? At Naval Architect, we understand the challenges of shipbuilding projects and have created a solution to help you overcome them. Our shipbuilding software is designed to help you manage your projects from concept design to commissioning, providing reliable planning and efficient status tracking throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the typical use-cases for our information management platform:

Reliable planning and efficient status tracking - Naval Architect Use Cases

Typical Use Cases


Requirements management is an essential aspect of shipbuilding projects. Naval Architect can effectively help you manage them throughout the project’s lifecycle. By having a centralized platform for managing the project requirements, all involved parties easily identify and resolve any discrepancies or changes.

Cost Estimation

Naval Architect offers a fast and reliable way to estimate the project budget already in the sales process. This is critical  that any risks are identified and managed proactively. The model-based calculation enables an automatic way to calculate and visualize the costs based on product definition, material and hours.

Weight Estimation

Weight estimation is another area where Naval Architect can provide significant benefits, especially in the very early (pre-contract) phase of the project. Instead of rough estimations or manual calculations in Excel,- Naval Architect gives you a far more accurate and fast method for estimating the weight. By using a central ship model as the information base, Naval Architect enables you to easily control weight from the project start.


In addition to the geometric model Naval Architect provides an information model covering all important properties of the ship. This is used to manage and track project specifications, ensuring that all parties are aware of the project’s requirements. Naval Architect helps to prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication, resulting in a more efficient and effective project.

Weight Tracking

In addition to weight estimation, Naval Architect can help users track weight throughout the project lifecycle. The weight model is directly connected to the central information model and with every change, the weight is updated simultaneously. This is critical in ensuring that the ship’s weight remains within contracted limits. By having a centralized platform with visualized weight data, users can easily identify and resolve any discrepancies.

Cost Tracking

Our software allows users to visually track costs throughout the project lifecycle, providing clarity into project spending and identifying areas where costs can be reduced. The functionality is similar to the weight tracking mentioned above. Costs are automatically updated with each design change. The benefits of cost calculation and tracking in Naval Architect are:

  • Reliable calculation due to high level of detail
  • Transparent calculation due to cleanly structured data
  • Efficient calculation due to high degree of automation


The project data layer in Naval Architect can be configured to manage and track project schedules. This ensures that the project remains on track and that all parties are aware of the project timeline.

Design Status

Naval Architect can manage and track design status visually, by helping to make sure that the design meets all requirements and that documents and reports reflect any design changes effectively.

Procurement Status

Naval Architect supports procurement processes by providing easy access to the realistic engineering progress status. Collaboration features allow all involved parties to cooperate, ensuring that materials are ordered on time and available when needed.

Construction Status

Naval Architect helps to manage and track the construction / built status, ensuring that the ship is being built to specification and that any issues or delays are identified and addressed proactively. The visual built status tracking in Naval Architect allows for :

  • Early and proactive assurance of completion on schedule
  • Reduced effort for control progress at the construction site
  • Automatic generation of visualizations based on the data model

Commissioning Status

Finally, Naval Architect can help manage and track commissioning status, ensuring that the ship is ready for sea trials and operation on time.  Contractors can easily view the status of all equipment to plan their work and ensure readiness and compatibility of related systems.

Reliable planning and efficient status tracking


In conclusion, Naval Architect provides a centralized platform for project information management in shipbuilding projects. It allows to reliably plan and efficiently keep track of the project status throughout the whole design, construction and commissioning process. Demonstrated use cases prove that Naval Architect can help streamline the shipbuilding process, resulting in consistently delivered projects on time and within budget.

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