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Duplicate component feature in Naval Architect

New features in Naval Architect: components, layers and more!

What’s new?

The components feature landed on the platform in December, but we are not slowing down! Here is a selection of the latest new features in Naval Architect, that make your design process even more effective!

Support for layers in files exported to AutoCad

Now you can assign any geometry to a specific layer from a set of layers configured in Naval Architect. The geometry in the exported dwg files is placed on the selected layer.

Layers in Naval Architect

Improved style rule editor

The new style editor allows you to assign layers to geometry, supports line types and various space fills, such as hatch, solid fill and tank crossing. You can upload and configure hatch patterns and line types from AutoCAD and use them in Naval Architect as well as in exported dwg files!

Style editor in Naval Architect

Improvements in the gumball operator, both 2D and 3D

Gumball operators allow efficient modification of geometry in both 2D and 3D. In 2D mode, keyboard input and keyboard navigation are now also possible.

3D gumball in naval architect2D gumball in naval architect

“Duplicate component” feature

You can now duplicate any component placed in the model and quickly adjust its position. This makes it easy to arrange equipment in 3D at a very early stage of the design.

Duplicate component feature in Naval Architect

Pre-selection of the type of geometry created

When drawing geometries or creating spaces, you can now pre-select the type. This saves time during further editing.

Pre-select type feature in Naval Architect

Improvements of the expression input

Expression input now offers a variety of mathematical functions as well as IF/ELSE statements that provide unlimited possibilities for processing project data. Usability is improved with colours and keyboard navigation.

Expressions in naval architect

 And this is not yet all there is!

Naval Architect is the industry’s first platform to automate design, engineering, and production processes based on a digital ship model. If you are interested to learn more, let’s meet for a 30 mins session to discuss how Naval Architect can help to make your processes more efficient and reliable: Request a free demo here. We also offer a 14-day Free Trial of our platform.