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Making collaboration accessible and easy

Maritime Startup Naval Architect was featured in the latest publication of The Royal Instituation of Naval Architects in January 2023.

“As a notoriously conservative industry it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that ship design and construction wasn’t exactly among the pacesetters when it comes to cloud-based collaboration. However, a German startup company is hoping it can seize the advantage where other software platform providers have hitherto been less successful.

Officially founded in 2021, Naval Architect (no relation to RINA’s publication) is a 3D design tool created with the vision of making collaboration accessible and easy. Originally formed as a spin-off project of the University of Rostock, the company has ambitions of digitalisation in a range of industries but has identified shipbuilding as a priority area. The company already boasts a range of clients ranging from yacht-specialist shipyards to international design offices.”

Read the full article from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects here.

Our Platform manages technical project data based on a digital ship model that project teams collaborate on in the cloud. If you want to learn more about how Naval Architect enables maximum efficiency and reliability in ship design, feel free to visit the following links: