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Digital Transformation in maritime industry: Buzzword or Reality?

Digital Transformation – Buzzword or Reality?

Are you tired of facing buzzwords around digital transformation promising better processes and therefore project outcomes that just don’t realize? Then this read-up will become an eye-opener for you.

Tools help experts working more efficiently

Have a peek at the figure below. This is an amazingly accurate visualization of many organizations where the columns refer to departments. Think about design, engineering, project calculation, production planning, etc. as examples from the shipbuilding domain.

Shows how horizontal integration is supposed to share information across departments in contrast to vertical specialization of software which helps experts to create information more easily.
Tools are usually built to help experts to generate information more efficient. Digital transformation is all about sharing this information more easily across different expert domains.

If you are thinking about software solutions, you will most likely find an excellent solution for each of the departments. Take the example of engineering: there are many 3D CAD software from which you can choose one that fits best to your requirements and taste. Even for the very specialized tasks, such as calculating stresses, you will most likely find a solution readily available. Tools usually helps experts to work more efficiently. This is referred to as vertical specialization of software.

Digital transformation is about sharing information across expert domains

Digital transformation refers to the exact opposite: instead of focusing on a single expert domain, the vision is to connect people horizontally.

This implies diametrically opposed requirements for the software being employed. Instead of supporting expert tasks in-depth, it is a matter of speaking the common language across different stakeholders. Just look at Wikipedia: a scientist will never be able to make the big ball by relying on this source. But a scientist may use this platform to make valuable knowledge accessible to a wide audience. Something that no textbook or research paper in the world could ever do.

Our mission is to make information accessible across all stakeholders

This is why the promise of the Digital Transformation will not live up to expectations when we solely rely on software that was never build for it. In fact, this insight motivated us to build the Naval Architect platform and we are proud to say that we are the first and to date only platform to strive for horizontal integration in shipbuilding. Best summarized by our mission to organize the information in shipbuilding to make it accessible and useful across all stakeholders.

If you have read to this point, you definitely need to book a Discovery Call to learn more about how Naval Architect will help you to finally realize the often-promised benefits of the Digital Transformation.

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