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Version Control Change Management

Halve your planning risks with great change management

Change management in Shipbuilding

Naval Architect is a true cloud-native application that runs directly in the web browser, so no installation will be required. This makes it easy to share design data and visualizations with your team members, suppliers, contractors and customers. New members can be easily added anytime and the rights and roles for each user can be set individually.

However, in order to work efficiently and in a structured way while keeping a high transparency on the working status, a robust change management system is needed. Naval Architect offers a built-in version control and release management tool so design changes are instantly visible for all team members. Designs can be edited simultaneously with other users and changes can be monitored in real-time to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each project. Every change you or your team makes can be saved in different versions, so it is always clear WHO has changed WHAT at WHICH TIME. It is also possible to compare different versions with each other to find out what has actually been updated.

Do you work with multiple stakeholders and are you interested in how to optimize the collaboration?

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